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10+ Oddly Shaped Fruits & Vegetables That Will Make You Look Twice

Sometimes, a radish is not just a radish. Sometimes a radish can appear to be striding purposefully into the distance. Similarly, a potato can sometimes be a bear, and sometimes a broccoli can appear to be doing some mansplaining. Of course, we’re taking about hilariously misshapen fruit and vegetables, which appear to have taken the form of animals, or seem to be doing things that humans do, or feel.

Yet what gives these fruits and vegetables their quirky shapes? The answer’s simple. It’s science! There’s a fair few reasons why a fruit or vegetable can grow into an odd shape, but the main reason is damage to its scar tissue. If during its early growth it receives scarring, it can halt growth and cause a deformity. Meanwhile, root vegetables can take on strange appearances because of inconsistent soil fertilisation.

Emo Carrot

I Am Froot

Esabele D. Cruse

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