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Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Ommay Hafsa, and I’m the founder and writer behind BrightsLife. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences on various topics, including lifestyle, craft and DIY, photography, home and garden, and home decor.
I have been writing about these topics for several years, and I have gained significant expertise and knowledge in each of these areas. I am constantly learning and researching new ideas, trends, and techniques to provide my readers with accurate and up-to-date information.

As an experienced blogger and content creator, I strive to provide high-quality content that is informative, insightful, and engaging. My aim is to be an authoritative voice in the areas that I write about and to provide valuable content that my readers can trust.

Trust is essential when it comes to creating content online, and I take this responsibility seriously. I am committed to providing honest, unbiased information, and I always disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

I also prioritize the privacy of my readers and ensure that any data collected is handled with care and in accordance with privacy laws.

About the Author

ommay hafsa

Ahoy there! I'm Ommay Hafsa, the voice behind The Brights Life. Thanks for joining my Blogging journey!

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My Professional Courses & Qualifications:

  • Certificate in Horticulture
  • Diploma in Landscape Design
  • Diploma in Personal Development and Life Coaching
  • Certificate in Creative Crafts
  • Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration
  • Certificate in Horticulture
  • Diploma in Landscape Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Horticulture

My Personal Experience

I was a decor lover when I first set out my tiny room.

The ideas and crafts of those design is what sparked the creation of this blog. I wanted to make that information, which was difficult to find at the time, available online.

DIY & Décor

As a person who loves creating things with her hands, I started a blog about DIY and decor to share my passion with others. I’ve always been interested in home decor, and I love finding new and creative ways to decorate my space without breaking the bank. Over time, I’ve learned that DIY projects not only save money, but they also provide a sense of satisfaction that comes with creating something beautiful with your own hands.

My blog has become a space where I can share my ideas, experiments, and experiences with others who are also interested in DIY and decor. I write about different topics such as repurposing old items, creating unique wall art, and revamping furniture. I also share tips on how to decorate on a budget, where to find affordable materials, and how to tackle tricky projects.

One of my most popular posts is about repurposing old mason jars into beautiful candle holders. I shared step-by-step instructions on how to paint the jars and add decorative elements such as lace and ribbons. The post received a lot of positive feedback, and many readers shared their own ideas and variations on the project.

diy & décor

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